A Recipe for Refugees: War, Climate and Sanctions

Afghan Refugee
Middle East Drought
Atma Refugee camp near Idlib Syria that held about 1 million people in 2020
Yemeni Refugee
Extreme drought in Africa

“I was a farmer in Zimbabwe but the climate conditions have become unpredictable. It is now difficult to have a good rain-fed cropping season. I used to have more than 20 head of cattle but lost 15 beasts due to drought. I came here in 2010 and am doing menial jobs on the local farms. It is better than watching my cattle dying back home. Yes, some people are running away from (President Robert) Mugabe’s iron-fist rule but I am not one of those people. I am running away from drought and hunger.”

Drought in Africa destroys livelihoods
Corn crops destroyed by drought in the dry corridor in Central America
Flooding in Australia



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