“Follow the Science”

“Follow the science” is the latest fashionable directive that has been repeated all over the media for more than a year. This mantra makes clear that following the status quo ‘science’ implies immediate acceptance to the club of educated, decent, and intelligent human beings. This media strategy has prevented people from questioning and engaging in an informed debate that could challenge the media’s assertions. This constitutes a form of veiled but very real censorship, a clear attack on the much-touted freedom of speech. If the media dictates what ‘the science’ is while forbidding any questioning, can this be science? If this questioning is punishable by expulsion from the decent human being camp with automatic transfer to the “conspiracy theory” one, is this really science? Science is based on a healthy debate and its prohibition betrays a complete disregard for the scientific method.

Science is supposed to be about an honest inquiry that tries to elucidate a truth or at least a piece that can be used as a base to get closer to the truth. This is the science that the world has admired for centuries, it is the one practiced by individual seekers of truth interested in respect for the scientific method and the integrity of their data.

Some of these scientists, most notably, Galileo, encountered serious censorship from the moneyed elites of the time, the Vatican. He knew what the truth based on proof was, while the Vatican insisted on a dogma that suited their narrative. Back then, not conforming to the Church dogma was labeled as a heresy; now, dissent from the status quo experts and the media dogma immediately classifies you as a crazy believer in conspiracies. In essence, the two labels are the same thing, heresies from a dogma. World institutions and the media have become the new Church that dictates the dogma. At least during Galileo’s time, the church admitted it was dogma, now we call the dogma ‘the science that you should follow’.

Henry H. Bauer, chemistry professor and former dean of arts and sciences at Virginia Tech published a paper in 2004 in which he describes how science is actually practiced in the last decades of the 20th and into the 21 century. The costs of research keep on increasing, forcing the creation of “knowledge monopolies” and “cooperating specialists” that discourage any dissent. This new modus operandi leads to a scientific consensus that lacks creativity, genuine innovation, and disinterested truth-seeking.

These science monopolies are based in government institutions, universities, and corporations, the only entities that have the billions needed for research. People think these donations are good philanthropic endeavors of the government and the elites, but as we all know, there is no free lunch in this world. The donors are efficient business people who know that their funding comes with strings attached. They know they are in essence buying the right to direct the scientific output of these entities. As a result, the scientific results are very often tailored to the wishes of the rich patrons who come together with governments to manipulate the scientific discourse to fit their agenda.

This gradual incursion of corporate values into science has corrupted not only research but also the validity of science journals and the peer-review process. In this new system research articles and reviews are not written by disinterested and truth-seeking scientists, but by a public relations office with staff writers who tailor the articles and peer reviews to fit the requirements of the biased consensus. Often, known scientists and researchers linked to the consensus are asked to put their names on the article to give it credibility. This doesn’t happen in all science and at all the time, but it tends to happen more often in scientific areas in which the moneyed elites have a vested interest.

A scientific practice that dictates a certain predetermined hypothesis without accepting any questioning isn’t science and this pandemic is a great example of science gone astray. The disciplines of virology, bio genetics, and epidemiology have been greatly corrupted by the influence of world institutions and elites who have insisted on a predetermined outcome in scientific conclusions, effectively breaking most of the rules of the scientific method. Even though there are many examples, I am going to give three science-denying instances that have been touted by the media as “the science” but were just convenient pseudoscience useful to enable the start of the pandemic and the drastic measures to counter it.

The incorrect use of the PCR test so it could be used as a basis to declare a pandemic:

The PCR probe was invented by Dr. Kary Mullis as a research and clinical tool for amplifying samples of DNA and RNA. His discovery was worthy of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 and in his acceptance speech he expressly criticized its use as a diagnostic tool to find pathogens. His criticism included Dr. Anthony Fauci, who had misused the PCR probe to diagnose AIDS.

Dr. Kary Mullis died in August 2019 and it is quite enlightening to see how the New York Times described the PCR probe in his obituary:

“Today, his method (PCR probe) is used to detect genetic mutations that can lead to diagnoses of diseases, like sickle cell anemia; analyze ancient sources of DNA, like bones; assist in obtaining crime scene evidence (he was recruited as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial); and determine paternity. It was used as well to decode and map the entire human DNA as part of the Human Genome Project, the landmark international research effort that ran from 1990 to 2003.”

The New York Times seems to have forgotten the correct uses of the PCR probe in just 6 months. Once the pandemic started the PCR probe became the sole reliable diagnostic test whose results became the law. The death of its inventor just six months before the pandemic precluded his rightful questioning and criticism.

The PCR probe finds strands of RNA and DNA and amplifies them so they can be more easily identified. The probe doesn’t find complete viruses and it is very difficult to tell if those strands belong to a pathogen or the normal byproducts of cell metabolism. The PCR probe can help in a diagnosis but it should always be used in a clinical setting accompanied by a clear definition of symptoms, a lung CT scan, and further tests to link the possible pathogen with the symptoms.

The erroneous use of the PCR probe as the sole indicator of infection went even further when the WHO and the CDC instituted a directive instructing labs worldwide to set the number of cycles or amplifications of the genetic material in the sample to at least 45. Dr. Mullis had clearly specified that his probe was meaningless above 30 cycles or amplifications but the world health institutions seemed to have mysteriously forgotten this caveat for 2020.

The fact that institutions like the WHO and the CDC insisted on the use of a completely faulty test during a pandemic implies that there was a vested interest in augmenting the number of cases. If they had applied the true scientific method, it would have been impossible to pump up the number of cases and mortality rates. The daily counting of cases convinced the public of the severity of the pandemic and provided fertile ground for their willingness to accept whatever measures the same experts dictated, without questioning.

Redefinition of an epidemic or pandemic, invalidation of our immune system, and enforcing of an experimental vaccine:

The definition for a pandemic was changed with the stroke of a pen in 2020, without any new scientific proof to justify this change. Until January 2020 all viral and microbial epidemics had the following characteristics:

1. An exponential rise of cases followed by a decline within weeks or months, as described by William Farr in the19th century (typical Bell curve shape). The rise is exponential, reflecting the contagion of a population unused to a new pathogen and the fall is the result of herd immunity.

2. The pathogen spreads randomly in the population with very specific symptoms, reflecting the small information contained in viruses compared to bacteria and fungi. This is why viruses are called for the specific disease they cause, but not the others.

3. An epidemic from a seasonal virus like the flu or the corona is self-limiting because these viruses induce immunity, i.e. reducing the amount of non-immune hosts, and automatically ending their activity for the year.

The 2020 pandemic followed Farr’s law from March to June but then mysteriously diverged from the behavior of all seasonal viruses and the virus even grew stronger. This strange behavior has continued until 2021. This difficult to imagine virus (natural or lab-created) behaved unlike any other. After all, viruses are not even technically alive; they are just small bits of RNA or DNA in an envelope. A virus has certain characteristics that depend on its intrinsic nature and if it doesn’t, it can’t be even called a virus.

The media turned hiccups into on of the strange symptoms of the virus

Another weird behavior of the virus that betrays all science of pandemics and viruses is the repeated attribution of new symptoms. Viruses have little information in them so they can’t produce a myriad of symptoms by themselves. According to ‘the science’ until 2020, the yearly conjunction of respiratory pathogens can cause a wide variety of symptoms in the old and chronically ill (including children), which depend on the patient’s clinical situation. These symptoms happen each year; the only difference in 2020, is that they were all attributed to just one virus and reported by the media as something that had never happened.

The natural progression of a virus leads to herd immunity, but since 2020, we find that the term herd immunity has become a dirty word that labels you as a conspiracy theorist. It is quite strange that just in 2019, it was a perfectly accepted scientifically approved term!

The vilification of herd immunity implies the demotion of our immune system. Furthermore, all the science we had learned until 2020 about our immune system was suddenly willfully ignored by the status quo ‘experts’. Dr. Zhang Yongzhen, the Chinese virologist who used computer programs to develop the genome of the virus, declared on January 2020 that “the immune system was passé.” The WHO and CDC followed this trend later by redefining the immune system as a system that only works with a vaccine.

Our immune system is a detector, identifier and fighter of pathogens

Until 2020, we knew that our immune system evolved over millions of years to give us a deluxe protective system. Even bacteria have the means to detect, identify and fight foreign invaders or pathogens! How could humans have devolved in just a few months to become the only animal in nature whose immune system has disappeared just by the magical incantation of the WHO, their related ‘experts’, and the media?

Our innate immune system includes physical barriers such as skin and chemicals in the blood that are activated as soon as the body detects a foreign body. Some of these chemicals include interleukin 1 and interferon which arrive at the problem area and cause inflammation and fever in their effort to get rid of the pathogen.

Our adaptive immunity is an antigen-specific immune response that creates an army of immune T-cells to attack the antigen (the foreign body or pathogen). Once the pathogen is identified and attacked, the B-cells keep a memory of it for future responses against a similar invasion.

This means that we are like a castle in the Middle Ages, we have not only moats and walls to defend us; we have weapons to attack the enemy. The world health institutions are telling us that we don’t have any moat, walls, or weapons, even though we can easily verify their presence. Talk about not following empirical evidence!

Our immune system was made to protect us from all foreign bodies but seasonal viruses like the cold-producing corona, syncytial, rhino, and influenza viruses are its preferred candidates. These viruses arrive when it gets cold and there is less sun exposure and vitamin D. They then run their course until the number of hosts with no memory of them in their B-cells is dramatically reduced. The next year they come again, slightly changed and in different ratios and if our bodies can recognize them and we are in good health, we won’t even notice them.

Once in a while, we might get a cold, and less often the flu, but we will most likely survive them. If there are wars, continuous stressful situations, and lack of food, our defenses go down, so a general population might turn more vulnerable to all pathogens including bacteria and fungi, increasing illness and mortality. But there is no way that one seasonal virus could suddenly trick our immune system and cause such a pandemic as the one in 2020–21. The fact that the ‘experts’ admitted that many people are asymptomatic proves that our immune system still works. It is a crime for science to suddenly deny the beauty of our painstakingly evolved immune system and claim that it is ‘passé’.

We have seen three cases of the egregious practice of science for this pandemic. All of the above have been presented to the public as ‘the science’ and most people have trusted their governments and the media and accepted these lies without any questioning.

The same media that instructed people to “follow the science” biased their reporting to create a weird world in which only the pandemic existed. People were bombarded with numbers of cases determined by a faulty method, which led to dubious ICU and mortality rate statistics. The mounting reported deaths aided in the panic but few people noticed how the WHO changed the death certificate directives just for the pandemic: before 2020 if a person with a chronic illness died of pneumonia, the primary cause of death was the chronic disease, while pneumonia (without any viral or bacterial attribution) was listed as the second cause. For 2020, the primary cause of death became the coronavirus, while the clinical status of the patient at the time was relegated to the second line.

The WHO also changed the rules for declaring a death from a virus in 2020: “A COVID-19 death is “one resulting from a clinically compatible illness (respiratory problems), in a probable or confirmed COVID case, unless there is a clear alternative that can’t be related.” This is why even the CDC has accepted that only 30% of deaths assigned to the coronavirus were caused by respiratory symptoms that could be attributed to a virus or bacteria.

The measures implemented for the pandemic based on this pseudoscience have caused incredible damage all over the world. The psychological, social, and economic damage that these unnecessary responses have created is immense and the world won’t be the same after this event.

Sample of unscientific articles, very useful to induce fear

The status quo ‘science’ or more accurately dogma, was used to create an environment of fear in which most people didn’t dare to disobey their pronouncements. Fear isn’t a good advisor and its use by the world institutions and the media betrays a lack of real concern for the people. This is why the fear tactic should always be considered with suspicion and its motives always questioned. One thing is to accept reality with warts and all, but another is to repeat fear-mongering memes to create an irrational fear in people. This tactic isn’t compatible with logic and true science so beware of anyone who insists that you should follow their science while reporting tons of unproven fear-inducing propaganda.




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