Our New Enemy and the Environment

Middle Age crusader intent on the complete destruction of the enemy
Surgical masks, face shield visors and hand sanitizers full of plastic constitute our new “safety” paradigm.
  • Polypropylene or PP is the most used plastic in the world, and already 88% of it ends up in a landfill, burnt (producing greenhouse emissions), or in the ocean. It degrades quite slowly, over 20–30 years and according to recent discoveries, it leaches quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATs or QACs), the same toxic substances that most disinfectants use.
  • Polystyrene degrades slowly and emits toxic gases and substances into the air, soil, and water, adding to our greenhouse gas problem.
  • Polycarbonates hydrolyze into the dreaded Bisphenol A (BPA) whenever the temperature is above 70 degrees and humidity is high. BPA is a hormonal disruptor that mimics estrogen and prevents the expression of androgenic hormones in our bodies and those of all fauna.
  • Polyesters leach toxic chemicals and their manufacturing causes tons of hazardous waste.
The collateral damage of our “safety”
Squid and fish with plastic and tons of wipes
Satellite Image of Lake Erie after heavy rain allowed the influx of raw sewage creating algae blooms
Elizabethan ladies with nosegays
Beware of Exponential Growth! It looks like nothing at the beginning but it soon becomes overwhelming.




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Helena Dearnell

Helena Dearnell

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