Philanthropy and Whitewashing

Leopold II of Belgium and the subjects of his draconian quota regime
European elites celebrating King Leopold II and his wife
Rockefeller Foundations gala 2013 with Elton John receiving an award, Judith Rodin, president of the Foundation and David Rockefeller Junior
The Rockefeller Foundation was essential for United Fruit’s success in Guatemala
Guatemalan subjects for the Rockefeller Foundation and John Hopkins University experiments

This seems like something right out of the notebook of Dr. Mengele,”

Small African farmer that the Gates Foundation wants to replace by industrialized, GMO agriculture

“Is this food security or food slavery?”

“The plan of displacing millions of small holding farmers, using an industrial monoculture approach to farming, lacing the soil and water supplies with toxic chemicals, and concentrating ownership of the means of production and land ownership in a small elite is an immoral and dangerous vision that must be stopped.”

Water and soil polluted by industrial agriculture fertilizers



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